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We Believe There’s a New Standard of Energy Efficiency… Zero Energy!



– Home Builders Association of Metro Denver Mame Award

New Town Builders won the 2012 MAME ‘Green Home of the Year’ Award for the Zero Energy home in Stapleton.  The Home Builders Association’s MAME award honors leaders in the new home industry who set the standard of excellence with their major achievements in home building.

Imagine living in a brand new home and never worrying about an electric or gas bill. New Town Builders proudly presents Zero Energy Homes in Stapleton’s new Central Park West neighborhood, demonstrating that zero energy homes are now within reach of the home-buying public. It’s true! New Town is offering the Zero Energy option on all our single family homes in Stapleton!

The Zero Energy Option Pays for Itself from Day One!

The Zero Energy option will cost about $145 in your monthly mortgage – pretty much a trade-off to what you pay Xcel at today’s prices. So, you could pay the $145 in your mortgage, never worry that the cost will increase, and write it off on your taxes. Or, or you could pay Xcel Energy and have no protection from rate increases. On April 3, 2012, Xcel received approval for a multi-year rate increase, and in 2010, Denver had the second-highest increase in electric rates in the country— 21.4 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

New Town Builders is the Denver homebuilder with the greatest focus on energy efficiency, achieved using the following construction principles:

• The frame of each home is turned into an insulating envelope to keep the outside air out and the inside air exceedingly comfortable.

• Heating and air conditioning ducts are checked for tightness so heated or cooled air reaches its destination with loss of less than seven percent.

• High efficiency furnaces, air conditioners and water heaters are included.

• Each home includes a photovoltaic (solar) electricity generating system on the roof as a standard feature.

The Zero Energy Home has taken New Town’s energy efficiency to a new level – beyond even the Energy Star requirements that all New Town homes already exceed. With design assistance from the National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden, Colorado, New Town has established itself at the forefront of energy efficiency in Denver’s residential construction..

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The Zero Energy home has four goals.

1. To generate as much energy as it uses over the period of a year.

2. To offer a zero energy home that is an attractive and comfortable home in which to live.

3. To offer the Zero Energy package at an affordable price.

4. To create a home that frees the owner from complicated, systems that would require constant monitoring and maintenance.

Well Beyond the Standards.

New Town’s Zero Energy Homes exceed New Town’s construction standards, which are already highest in the industry. Every Zero Energy Home includes:

• New Town’s proprietary wall system which creates more space for insulation in the exterior wall.

• An increase in the heel height of the roof’s trusses to allow more space for insulation.

• Spray foam at all seams providing additional insulation.

• Attic, exterior walls and foundation wall all have increased insulation.

• Windows with improved U-value offer greater energy efficiency.

• Solar power system is increased to 8 to 9.5 kilowatt panels.

• Higher efficiency mechanical systems include the following:

• Tankless hot water system (per plan)
• 96% efficient furnace
• 16 SEER (or better) air conditioning unit
• Panasonic Whisper Green continuous ventilation fan in lieu of a fresh air ventilator.
• Energy Star appliances including refrigerator.
• 100% CFL lighting, eliminating incandescent lighting.

• Every New Town home’s energy efficiency is certified by an independent third party energy auditor.

Many consumers know that advances in building science have made zero energy homes possible. New Town’s Zero Energy Homes take the concept to the next step, demonstrating that zero energy homes are also beautiful and affordable. For the first time, everyday homebuyers can see and purchase a zero energy home that is truly “state-of-the-art” in building science. Our Zero Energy Home is proof once again that New Town “makes saving energy beautiful.”



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